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28th of June

On the 28th of June i delivered my 5th load to Ukraine. This was a little different than our previous trips because i paid for a wagon to deliver 24 tons to our warehouse in Poland and from there it was delivered into Ukraine by our team in vans which was more cost effective. I also teamed up with another fantastic organisation (Huddersfield to Ukraine humanitarian deliveries). I travelled over with Tim Marsden from Hull to Rotterdam on the 28th of June and started our journey. Once in Germany Tim received a call asking for help from two female volunteers who were stranded and needed help. So we decided to divert and help the volunteers out and arrived at 130am after a 15 hour nonstop drive to Warsaw. Once we sorted their problem out we set off the same morning and travelled to the Ukrainian border where we unloaded our British lorry and loaded it straight up to a Ukrainian lorry who then delivered it into Ukraine. Once that was completed Tim and I headed to the border where we waited around 3 hours to get through. Once through Tim and i split up which saw me deliver to Sister Julie’s monastery in Yazlovets where i stayed the night which was an amazing experience. The following morning i set off on a 9 hour drive to Kyiv where i met up with a charity called good deeds without borders where i delivered vital aid. After we emptied my van they took me our for tea then back to the hotel. The following morning Tim had delivered his fridge van to the military and was left without a ride home so i drove to Ivano-Frankivska to pick Tim up and drove him to Krakow airport. Working with Tim was an absolute pleasure he was professional and just an amazing person with a huge heart.

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