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Our Supporters

We couldn't have carried out this trip without the help of different companies. 

Courier Exchange

Courier Exchange is the UK's leading freight exchange platform for same-day courier and express freight delivery operators. They have given our team free membership until the conflict in Ukraine is over. This helps the team massively because we have to pick aid up from all over the UK. This allows us to find a load close to our pick- up point so we can claw back some money because we are all paying for the trips to Ukraine ourselves. If you’re a driver thinking about Joining CX then my advice would be yes! Their platform is absolutely amazing.  

The AA

Thank you AA for your help and free membership while travelling in Europe.

Van Der Valk Hotel, Belgium

Van Der Valk hotel gave our team a free room for the night with a free breakfast and lunch box. The hotel was superb and is a hotel we would definitely recommend. 

Leonardo Royal Hotel, Berlin


ARC sign writing (Selby)

Arc made the signage for the van for free which was absolutely fantastic and the signs stood out well. In every country we visited we were bibbed, flashed and given thank you signs from the members of the public. 

download (1).jpeg
Dawson's Butchers, Brayton, Selby

Mr Dawson kindly donated £100 towards the fuel costs for our second trip to Ukraine. They are one of the best butchers in the UK and their pork pies are amazing.

Gone Rogue logo.png
Gone Rogue Web Design

All businesses who donate or assist with Stuart and the team's mission will receive 10% off all web design and marketing services. A further 10% will be donated to to help Stuart and the team continue their hard work.

Contact Charley on for more information.

HH Driveright

In this latest mission, there was another driver involved.  This is HH Driveright’s driver, Ian Wilson, who desperately wanted to show his own support for Ukraine, having learned of Stuart's trips through a friend.

Knowing Ian needed financial support in order to take part, and that he did not have time to raise funds via a ‘giving’ page, HH Driveright stepped in and offered to cover his expenses as his sponsor.

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