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In the summer of 2025, Stuart Davison, a British Aid volunteer associated with Emergency Ukraine and Hull4Ukraine, is orchestrating a remarkable endeavor. Stuart is currently in the process of arranging a "Ryder Cup"-inspired competition featuring 16 players per team, spanning three days at both home and away venues in Kiev, Ukraine, and a yet-to-be-disclosed location in the UK.

This unique event will showcase a Celebrity Pro-Am Team from the UK competing against a team of injured military personnel from Ukraine in a Celebrity-style Pro-Am format. The inaugural fixture in Ukraine is already in the works at the prestigious "Edem Golf and Spa" venue in Kyiv, with the date to be announced soon.

The "Edem Golf and Spa" venue in Kiev deserves commendation for its existing rehabilitation program, significantly aiding injured soldiers through golf participation to address both physical and mental needs.

Under the leadership of Stuart Davison, the organizers are diligently working to ensure the event's success. They have enlisted "Picture Point" films to cover the proceedings for a planned TV documentary release at a later date, capturing the action over the three days at each venue.

An impressive lineup of celebrities is expected to participate, with every penny raised directed towards the Ukrainian rehabilitation program at Edem Golf and Spa, aimed at reintegrating injured soldiers back into society.

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Get Involved

For those who share a passion for Ukraine's integral role on the European front line and its significance for security and safety, and wish to contribute or be part of this noble cause, please send an email to Every contribution, no matter how small, will be deeply appreciated. Stuart hopes that this initiative, aptly named "STAND UP FOR UKRAINE," will garner widespread interest and support moving forward.

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