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Kharkiv Delivery

So we set off on our13th trip to Ukraine on Tuesday, June 11 Joined by a film crew from Sheffield-based company Picture Point Films, Stuart made the perilous journey from the UK to Kharkiv to deliver £160,000 worth of medical supplies, including two much-needed ventilators to a hospital in Vovchansk, a city situated mere miles from the heavily-guarded Russian border.

"Before I could make it down, however, I was stopped by a fault in one of the vans which set us back about 5 hours. We were desperate to repair our van which was loaded with emergency medical supplies. The time was around 430pm and we rung a Ford garage 10 clicks away and we explained that we had a problem with one of our vans which had aid on. So they put the parts in a taxi and delivered them to us by the roadside. It took 1h 30 minutes to repair the van then we headed for Kharkiv. The following morning we headed for the second biggest city in Ukraine (Kharkiv) this is being bombed frequently and we had to be vigilant. Once in Kharkiv we got lost because there was no power the city was without power which meant no phone service which meant no sat nav would work. When we finally found our delivery point we were over the moon and stayed there for a few hours before delivering to a care home.  "I was grateful to be accompanied by Picture Point Films this time, the team were great and I look forward to seeing their documentary, which is due to be released at Christmas time. "We captured some incredibly moving footage that really sheds a new light on what the citizens of these cities go through on a daily basis." To keep updated with the release of Picture Point Film's documentary following Stuart, please visit

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