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Macclesfield Ukrainian aid and UFC

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

On this trip I teamed up with Macclesfield for Ukraine and UFC which began by meeting at the Hamlet hotel in Maidstone on the 27th of August. The following morning we all travelled together to the euro tunnel and travelled to France. We drove all the way to Nuremburg where we stayed for the night. The following morning we drove to Hungary which was an amazing country where we decided to stay in Budapest.

That night we all caught the tube to the city centre for a fantastic meal which was pretty awesome. From Hungary we travelled to Romania which was just breath-taking the views were beautiful and we saw a brown bear at the side of the road. We spent a night in Romania before heading to the border where we caught a ferry which took us over the Danube river into Ukraine. When in Ukraine we yet again have to wait for the border guards to grant us permission to go into Ukraine.

This is where the problems are and its why so many volunteers now refuse to deliver aid because of the wait by Ukrainian border staff. Because of the long wait this put us well behind because in Odesa there is a curfew which means nobody is aloud of after 12 midnight. Because we have VIPs with us we were met by two police vehicles that escorted us to our hotel in Odesa.

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