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Our First Journey to Ukraine

Day 1

On the 18th March I travelled with Mark Penn from Goole to Dover after the fiasco of the P&O ferry’s. Mark had paid over £800 for both vans to travel from Hull to Rotterdam. We were told we couldn’t sail with P&O so we had to frantically find another route. We then decided to drive to Dover and take the DFDS to Dunkirk which meant more expense. The staff on the DFDS ferry were absolutely amazing.

Day 2

Once we crossed the channel we drove into France and then into Belgium where we stayed at the beautiful Van Der Valk free of charge with a breakfast for the next morning. The hotel was beautiful and we manage to have a photo with the managers.

Day 3

We set off from the Van Der Valk after breakfast and headed for Berlin where we were staying at the amazing Leonardo Royal hotel. Yet again we were given a free room, free evening meal and free lunch box for the long drive the next morning.

Day 4

After a gruelling 8 hour drive from Berlin we finally arrived at a beautiful village in Poland called Szydlowiec where the people were absolutely amazing. When we arrived in the village we were greeted by the local fire department who escorted our team to the house where the donations were being stored. After we emptied the vehicles the beautiful Polish residents put on a small BBQ which was absolutely amazing and it will be something that we will never forget. Thank you Poland

The fire department helped unload the aid which we thank. They were a fantastic bunch of guys and girl.

After a long 3 day drive we finally relaxed with the amazing friends we had made. This is one trip I will never forget.

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