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Our Second Trip

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

So we decided to take another two van loads of aid back to Ukraine, organised by Jack and Marta along with Joanne and Martin who had organised a fundraising tea party which raised an impressive £2000 with some of that money being spent in Goole on supplies which were then loaded onto our vehicles. My wingman and woman on this trip were David and his wife Keiko who were absolutely amazing and I can’t thank them enough.

Day 1

After being loaded with aid we travelled to Hull to catch the 8pm ferry across to Rotterdam.

Day 2

After arriving on Dutch soil we travelled for 8 hours and stopped at the Hotel Picaro which was a very nice hotel.

Day 3

We left the hotel Picaro around 9am and made the 9 hour journey over to our destination in Poland where we were greeted by Natalia and her amazing team.

Day 4

We had a relaxing day and took in some of the beautiful sights Poland has to offer with a trip to the Military museum.

Day 5

We travelled back home.

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